Phi Phi Leh


Phi Phi Ley is an uninhabited island whose natural beauty is still unspoiled. The island is mostly composed of towering limestone cliffs that spring up at right angles with the blue water surface. The water is brightly turquoise with the abundant coral reefs and species of fish. There are several magnificent beaches and scenic islands standing offshore. There is no accommodation on Phi Phi Lei, as most of the island is composed of sheer cliffs and small lagoons with teeming fish. Trips leave every day for sightseeing and snorkelling, especially good for beginners as the water is warm, absolutely clear, and shallow.

Maya Bay

Made famous as a location for the Hollywood film “The Beach.” Great for snorkelling, lots of coral gardens and colourful fish, although can get a little busy in high season!

Lohsamah Bay

Lo Samah bay is located on the southern tip of Phi Phi Le, offering the remarkably breathtaking panorama. Its clear waters and its flourishing coral beds are good for skin diving

Viking Cave

Viking Cave is the immense cave named after the pictographs on the wall of the cave which indistinctly resemble to ancient Viking ships. This cave was renamed by H.M Rama IX when he visited it in 1972, which resembles in shape the head of the great serpent of Buddhist legend is a revered place of local people who come to collect the swift’s nests that is used to make Bird’s Nest Soup, a Chinese delicacy. The cave is a spectacular scene created by the nature itself; cave and a sea lake formed by a clef between the two cliffs that allows water to enter into a bowl-shaped canyon wherein several nice hidden beaches are shaped. Visitors can stop to relax and snorkel here.

Pi-Leh Cove