Ko Phi Phi – Thailand’s favorite island

What is Ko Phi Phi

If you are looking for an island getaway, then look no further than Koh Phi Phi. This beautiful destination can be found in Krabi Province and is home to some amazing beaches with stunning coral reefs! From Ao Nang it will only take about 90 minutes on average until your arrive at one of these gorgeous shores so if travelling from Bangkok or Phuket this might just turn out being quicker than expected since ferries run two hours each way every day except Sundays when they leave at 9am sharp.

Ko Phi Phi is made up of six islands:

  • Phi Phi Don
  • Phi Phi Leh
  • Bida Nok
  • Bida Nai
  • Koh Yung
  • Koh Phai

The largest islands among all are Phi Phi Don and Leh. They come in different shapes, sizes but share some similarities like white powdery sand with crystal clear water for miles upon mile along their coastlines; lush coconut groves that provide shade during hot summer days or when you just want an escape from the sun’s rays hitting your skin too harshly.

Ko Phi Phi is a popular resort island with restaurants, bars, shops, a wide range of activities like diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

It also has several hotels and resorts where tourists can stay during their trip to the island that offer some of the best views in the world.

There are many local specialty shops that provide local products such as fresh pineapple, good quality bamboo products and fresh coconut water. There are some good hiking trails on the island, and visitors can enjoy a great view of the Phi Phi Islands.

What makes it Thailand’s favorite island

Thailand is a land of contrasts. The ancient Buddhist temples in the north, with their intricate carvings, wrap around the riverbanks below. The rice paddies dot the landscape in the south. The capital, Bangkok, is a raucous city with a vibrant nightlife.

The island’s natural attractions are a big draw: visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities such as diving, snorkelling, kayaking and hiking. So the Ideal Adventure getaway, or simply lounge on the beach to escape your stresses.

But what makes it Bangkok’s favourite island?

The island of Phi Phi Le was once a quiet, secluded place for fishermen and their families who called the island Pulau Api-Api (‘the fiery isle’). But with the release of The Beach in 2000 it soon became an international hotspot-visited not just by tourists from Thailand but also those all over Asia who wanted to experience what life would be like on this piece if paradise! These days you can find plenty vantage points around these parts as well as some restaurants that will serve up your meal served right out off one such beach or another…

Activities on the island

Although Ko Phi Phi is Thailand’s most popular island, you really don’t have to be a local to enjoy the island. You can enjoy the beach, snorkelling, fishing and other activities. There are many different activities to do on the island. You can kayak, snorkel, and dive. There are also hiking trails that you can explore. The most popular activity on the island is swimming. The beaches are beautiful and the water is crystal clear. You can find a beach that fits your needs and desires. There are calm beachesfor those who want to relax and there are also beaches that have waves for those who are looking for a more exciting experience. You can find a beach that has the perfect atmosphere for you.

Restaurants and bars in Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi has a wide variety of restaurants and bars. You can find Thai food, international food, and local food. There are also many different bars on the island. You can find a bar that fits your needs. There are bars for those who want to relax and there are also bars for those who want to party. Here are some options to consider.

Phi Phi Reggae Bar

Phi Phi Reggae Bar is an established night spot in Tonsai Village. Located right between Loh Dalum Bay and Ton Sai, it’s a large venue with loud music that includes sports events shown on one of three huge screens as well five bars fronted by friendly bartenders who offer drinks to those watching nearby or playing pool tables themselves if they’re not too busy! There are even Thai boxing rings set up outside where you can get your fill before heading home together after calibrating what happens when intoxicated patrons fight amongst themselves while trying not throw up all over someone else…

Location: Central Tonsai (by Jordan’s Irish Pub), 125/55, Phi Phi Island, Ao Nang, Krabi 81210, Thailand

Open: Daily from 6pm to 1am

Phone: +66 (0)91 034 6598

Sunflower Beach Bar

The Sunflower Beach Bar is a great place to enjoy sunset with friends and delicious cocktails. The view of Loh Dalum Bay from their establishment provides an amazing perspective on how beautiful this world really can be, especially when you’re sitting next door in one those comfortable bamboo chairs!

Location: 102 Moo 7, Koh Phi Phi, Ao Nang, Krabi 81000, Thailand

Open: Daily from 11am to 11pm

Phone: +66 (0)80 038 3374